Why is the Left so Crazy?


What is it about the left that makes them so illogical, immoral and out of touch with anything resembling reality?

Who is this disparate group of millennials, old ageing hippies, progressives, (as the modern term for the left has it), along with the usual smattering of pop / rockers, movie stars, starlets and just plain wannabes from the narcissistic world of the LA / Hollywood entertainment industry.

Why are they so adored by an uncritical and sycophantic main stream media? Where is the independence of reporting, what has happened to the profession of Journalism?

Why does this same media criticise relentlessly, without even the pretext of balance, any thought, idea or person from the right, or even the right of centre?

Why are politicians, with one or two notable exceptions, so enamoured (or is that afraid) of the social left, that they seem unable to mount a coherent defence of conservative values? Values which are, BTW, the bedrock of our western civilisation.

Even the Corporate World, CEO’s of National and International companies, seem to be in the thrall of this disease of the mind.

It is a global pandemic of a paucity of critique; of any level headed, logical analysis.

Take any Western World country;

The Democrats and their extremist socialist agenda in the USA; the weak kneed, ideologically driven Justin Trudeau in Canada, almost in lockstep with the even more deeply, madly,  greenly, ideological PM of NZ, Jacinda Adern. Australia has some glimmer of hope with their recent election, but the energy policies in SA and Victoria will need to be reversed rapidly if that country is not to succumb to the same illness. Theresa May in the UK, undone by Brexit; Macron in France, with his insane programme of green taxes giving rise to the yellow vests; Angela Merkel in Germany, champion of immigration, overseeing the social destruction of her own country, following a path set by the Swedes  whose laissez faire polices on migrants have effectively castrated the once glittering jewel of Swedish social egalitarianism. Stockholm has become the rape capital of Europe. Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece; all on the verge of financial ruin, if not outright bankruptcy, bought on by their own profligate spending, or perhaps the far too severe constraints of a currency that could never be all things to all people, the great EURO myth.

Donald Trump appears as the only hope for a bedevilled world, and even he seems severely constrained and often ill informed by his advisors, whether in the Deep State or the Pentagon. Personally I would trust neither group.

Global Warming, AKA Climate Change is the vehicle for an extreme left agenda. I fear however it is driven by more than just stupidity.

There appear to be dark forces behind this particular Trojan horse, all to do with  command and control of we the people, aided and abetted by Lenin’s “useful idiots”.

As our byline says, watch out for those you are not allowed to criticise.





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