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A recent article by former MP Barry Brill, Chairman of the NZ Climate Science Coalition, explains in some depth how the recently released “climate change” resource for brain washing our children in schools, is little more than “state generated propaganda”.

As Brill states:

“The exploitation of children for political ends is perhaps the most recent example of how  noble cause corruption can work”

In other words, in the minds of the climate zealots who inhabit our political corridors of power, the end justifies the means.

New Zealand Prime minister Jacinda Adern, Green Party co-leader James Shaw and NZ First Party leader Winston Peters should all be held to account for this criminal conspiracy.

There is no “consensus” among scientists, it is a lie upon a lie. There is no empirical evidence to show what they espouse.

In the recently released document, the students are prepared for activism. No discussion allowed, unless it supports the narrative of the decided outcome.

It is truly appalling. Of course it will be supported by the compliant and corrupted main stream media. What is even more concerning is that this propaganda is supported by NZ’s so called “centre right” National party. Centre right. What a joke. To whom should we centre right voters turn? It would appear we too are now an endangered species.

Unfortunately this programming, this propaganda, is all too common in many disputable subjects in todays media driven world.

From plastics, to oil, to red meat, to “overpopulation” (another lie), the attack on our Western way of life is vicious and unrelenting. Climate science is the trojan horse that is being used to enslave our minds, our hearts, our brains.

The religious body under most threat in the world today, those who suffer the most physical attacks resulting in injury and death, are Christians. The very Judeo / Christian ethic on which our civilization is founded, is being systematically dismantled.

In the face of this onslaught, awareness and knowledge are all important.

The elite in power will not help us, the elite they support, will not help us.

Be aware and beware of the deceit being pedalled by many around.

There are of course some voices of sanity, reason and logic.

But they are gems that must be discovered.

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