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Anthony Willy, one of New Zealand’s renowned and highly regarded barristers and solicitors, writes clearly in the piece below of the threats to our long established rights and freedoms.

Rights established hundreds of years ago in the “reeds of Runnymede”, according to Rudyard Kiplings poem, where the Magna Carta was signed.

Rights now swept away by Governments around the world, but none more so than in NZ, where the Marxist oriented state is in full charge, where the trampling of civil and personal liberties is as nothing in their quest for absolute control.

As Willy alludes to, it is appalling how easily NZ as a nation has surrendered these rights.

The problem being of course, once surrendered, a precedent has been set. Even if they are restored, the state now knows how easy it is to subjugate us like serfs and withdraw our rights at any opportunity.

When will we awaken from our slumber, I wonder.

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