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Anthony Willy is a Barrister and Solicitor who has served as a judge on four courts:

Disrtict, Environment, Tax and Valuation.

In the link below he takes issue with the way Main Stream Media (MSM) is reporting, or not reporting, the reality about climate change.

Willy takes particular issue with Fairfax Media as they attempt to explain why they refuse to publish dissenting views on climate change.

I mean seriously, can you believe this? A NZ MSM outlet refusing to provide balance and allow freedom of speech on the issue of global warming as their Stuff Editor in Chief disagrees that these matters should be discussed.

The “science is settled” in his view.

No more need be said. WE have the truth and we will advise you the proletariat of any updates on a need to know basis. O, and you don’t need to know.

What a joke, what freedom of the press, what freedom of speech??

The fourth estate have and are failing New Zealanders badly.


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