The snow job in Poland | Watts Up With That?


“Any blizzards that blanket Poland this (Northern) winter can’t compare to the massive snow job climate campaigners are trying to pull off.”

So says Craig Rucker in his excellent piece below exposing the sham of the Katowice COP 24 IPCC conference.

He further points out that there are some 30,000 persons attending this meeting.

They comprise “…politicians, activists, computer modellers, bureaucrats, lawyers, renewable energy sellers, and a few scientists.”

The dregs of society, in other words, apart from the “few” scientists, perhaps.

The “..entire agenda deserves scepticism and ridicule.”

The real agenda of COP 24 is simple, “…replace the capitalist economic model with a global green socialist system, controlled by the UN, IPCC and green activists.”

If this is what you want, go right ahead and suffer the consequences. If on the other hand you prefer a dose of reality, read Rucker’s link below.

via The snow job in Poland | Watts Up With That?

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