Syria; an innocent party in the impending war.


The West is unfortunately getting its ducks in a row in preparation for an attack on Syria. One can only assume Iran will be next.

The lies being told are clearly exposed by Eva Bartlett, the outstanding independent Canadian journalist who reports on Syria, often directly from the centre of the action. Her reports have in the past been corroborated by no less a journalist than Robert Fisk.

The level of deceit from Western powers beggars belief.

In her latest release, in conjunction with the attached report from RT, she warns of a staged provocation in Jisr al-Shughur, a city in the Idlib province.

Middle East and American TV channels are said to be involved in this provocation, along with the inevitable and iniquitous white helmets.

The release of this “news story” will give the West the “justification” they need to launch an attack on Damascus. The “Rebels” are Western backed Jihadists, if you can believe the irony!

The human cost will be extreme.

Russia and China are currently building up their armies in an attempt to protect the innocent Assad from the impending onslaught on the Nation State of Syria.

Syria has over the past several months done a remarkable job of ridding their country of islamic jihadists.  President Trump a few months ago congratulated Assad and his armies on their successes.

So what has changed, Donald?

The jihadists in Idlib are the last bastion of terrorists in Syria. Left alone, Syria would rid the area of these terrorists within the month. All, by the way, without the use of chemical weapons.

A UN report  from OPCW, found the supposed chemical weapons attack in Douma was yet another lie. The UN found no evidence of the use of chemical weapons.

Eva provided much evidence for the duplicity of the West in the attached interview.Why would Assad attack his own people when they clearly respect him, he was overwhelmingly voted in at recent elections, and when the rebels are mostly defeated anyway?

Who, what, where and mostly WHY is this happening?

What forces are at work, who is behind this, and why are they attacking a sovereign nation for what is undoubtedly a fictitious reason.

Only three nations stand to benefit, and as much as we don’t like to see it, there seems no other reasonable explanation

The USA, the UK, and Israel; for no other than the greater Israel project.

Very scary stuff, actually.



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