Skripal, Novichok and Theresa May’s lies.


The current spate of press releases and  headlines out of the BBC and other media pointing the finger at Russia for apparently poisoning Sergei Skripal, with the nerve agent novichok, serve to remind us of just how incompetent Main Stream media (MSM) is.

A serious investigative journalist could easily pick any number of holes in this story.

Skripal was arrested and imprisoned in Russia some years ago, on the basis of spying for the West, particularly the UK. He was a mid-level spy and no longer a security threat so the Russians released him a few years ago. The British resettled him in Salisbury, where he has lived quite happily ever since. His daughter Yulia visited him from Russia on occasion.

Why would Russia, who has denied any involvement, suddenly feel the need for revenge against Skripal years after they released him? Especially at the same time as his daughter, who was an innocent in the case, was visiting?

According to the British Government, Russia is the only country who has access to novichok, therefore it must be them.

This is simply not true. The Russian nerve agent programme has long since been dismantled, as has been confirmed by the UN organisation for the checking and control of chemical weapons, OPCW. Interestingly, both the UK and the USA were involved in the dismantling and confirming. In fact scientists from the programme transferred to the USA after the dismantling.

A number of other states also have access to these nerve agents now.

No reports on this in the MSM.

Fortunately for truth there are a couple of independent journalists who do investigate these gaping holes. One such is Craig Murray whose post we attach here.

Craig goes into more detail on the whole sordid affair. It becomes quite apparent that it is a set up, a “false flag” as they say, to incriminate Russia for some ulterior motive of the West.

In the view of Realityrites, it appears to be a propaganda ploy by the respective Intelligence agencies of both the US and the UK. Although in this case the word “Intelligence” could be somewhat oxymoronic.

If this is as bad an intelligence op as it appears to be, the Western Governments, intelligence agencies and sadly the media, really do regard us as imbeciles to be treated with contempt. Unfortunately, their contempt for our intelligence seems justified as no one in the media nor any of the bureaucracy have raised questions.

Craig Murray deserves a few accolades for bringing this to our attention.

There is another factor at play here too.

There appears to be a connection between Skripal and Steele, the British spy who worked with the Clinton’s and a number of  disaffected members of the Intelligence community, in creating the fake Russian dossier which is being used by some Deep State players to discredit President Trump.

There are many in power who would rather the “swamp” was not drained.

These spy games really do seem to reach into the black heart of a number of Western countries double dealings.

We should all be aware of the lies we are being told and thank those who make efforts to uncover the truth behind the fictions we are being fed.

The following Youtube clip which sets out the anomalies and screened recently on the RT channel, is also most illuminating.

These are very concerning issues, particularly when viewed in conjunction with other deceits being perpetrated.

More on that in our next post.



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