Questions for John Key, ex NZ PM.


Dear  John,

I trust you are enjoying your life of leisure having retired from the hurly burly world of NZ politics in April 2017.

It is a compliment that you led the NATS so well that they won three consecutive elections. An outstanding achievement.

However I have a couple of nagging doubts about your achievements which I would appreciate some comment on.

You were one of the most popular PMs that NZ has ever had. There was so much political and social goodwill under your watch it really was quite extraordinary.

And therein lies my question, John. What on earth happened to all that political capital? Dissipated, disappeared, with not it seems, much to show.

Before the election, you correctly stated that Working For Families, that Helen clark inspired Socialist programme to emasculate the less well off, was “socialism by stealth”, further you commented that the RMA (Resource Management Act) was a disaster, was holding back NZ and needed drastic reform.

I believed, John. We of the centre and centre right, we all believed!

We waited, and waited and waited. For 3 terms we waited.

Nothing John. Zip, zero, zilch. Well, some incremental reform of course, but really, all that goodwill, nothing of any consequence for we day dream believers? How could that be?

I am something of a conspiracy theorist, John. As I heard somebody say recently, if you don’t believe in conspiracies, you simply haven’t read enough.

I suspect that the elites got to you, changed your idealistic (actually realistic) direction. Your good golfing buddy Barack Obama, he is one of the anointed, a member of the secretive BILDERBURG CLUB, I understand. Maybe offered you special entry to that elite club, a seat at the top table, so to speak?  Because the elites don’t like drastic changes in direction, can’t have the proletariat thinking for them selves. Danger danger.

So now we have Jacinda, John. No problem there, she fits their ideal leader mould perfectly. An ideologue for heavens sake. She actually believes in global warming and claims it is her nuclear moment! Dear God in heaven save us all.

But John, you had it all, we had it all. Threw it all away for a seat with the elite. Is that it?

Say it isn’t so, Sam, say it isn’t so…


your thoughts...