NZ Politicians showing some spine


On TV1’s  “Breakfast” show this morning, a couple of Politicians actually showed some spine and stood up to the main stream media’s Socialist / Marxist mantra.

A flicker of hope has been ignited in me.

The hero and heroine in question are Shane Jones from the Governing left wing coalition and Paula Bennett from the National Party.

The marxist trained media person was none other than Hayley Holt, the believer in all things socialist, and anti all things capitalist, ardent believer in all things green and anti all things that will bring wealth to NZ.  Anti Western civilisation, actually.

The epitomy of bubble headed group-think, in other words, where rationality and logic are dispensed with and emotional claptrap aka Greta Thunberg are embraced.

The interview by Holt centred on the decision by Jetstar to axe regional flights, however Holt made an error when she strayed into the territory of the farming community and how rural NZ would be affected and alluded to the farmers needing to get with the times and cut their emissions, as wouldnt NZ  be better off with less flights and less farming?

To their huge credit, Jones and Bennett sat shoulder to shoulder (both power dressed in black)! and together defended the NZ farming community from the constant and ongoing attacks from many in the media. Bennett alluded to the pressure farmers were under and the fact that the negative narrative was resulting in mental, physical, emotional and economic anxieties for the farming community. Both politicians, from opposite sides of the political and idealogical fence, showed unity in this pointed exchange.

Hayley Holt was shut down and shut up in no uncertain terms.

It was a pleasure to behold.


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