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In his essay below, Kip Hansen describes how the activist greens are putting out misleading information on the state of our oceans, in particular with regard to plastics.

As he says, “Science is beginning to win in the long battle over misinformed anti-plastic advocacy”.

Hansen goes on to discuss a recent study by a group of scientists on how “Sunlight Converts Polystyrene to Carbon Dioxide and Dissolved Organic Carbon.”

It is well worth the few minutes it takes to read.

Plastics are hydrocarbons and besides the effect of the sun in breaking them down, there are also microbes in the Ocean to whom plastics are food!

Virtually all plastic disappears over varying periods of time between the action of the sun, the sea and the microbes. Fascinating stuff actually.

Towards the end, Kip concludes;

“Our societies are under constant attack by mis- and ill-informed activists fighting shadows and imagined boogeymen instead of trying to make the world a better place for those truly in need”.

via Plastics: Science is Winning | Watts Up With That?

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