Paying Much More For Much Less


Very interesting report in the link below on the performance (or rather, lack of) of Wind Farms in the UK and Denmark.

They are in fact appallingly inefficient and their inefficiency increases as the years tick by. The only reason they are viable is due to the incredibly high subsidies payed by the British Government. Which actually means the British taxpayer of course.

A chart showing the million pound subsidies by farm is in the link below. Without these subsidies Wind Farms would lose millions of pounds per year. Taxpayer subsidies turn these losses into profits for the owners. How very convenient. It all beggars belief.

Do not for a moment think that this only applies to the UK and Denmark. All Wind Farms around the world are heavily subsidised by taxpayers, even down under in NZ and Australia.

They are yet another way for the elite investors in these projects to make a great deal of money off the back of the taxpaying public.

That means you and I are being taken for a ride once again.

Now please now tell me you believe anthropogenic global warming is a real thing and not a Trojan horse for the “elites” and their NWO plans.

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