On the Christchurch Mosque and Jacinda Adern


A recent article in the NZ media by journalist Heather du Plessis Allen (HdPA) pointed out that despite the fawning adoration shown by the largely left wing media in NZ, many in the international media, plus a good percentage of local Kiwi’s, felt her response was over the top and even disingenuous.

HdPA in her article concluded that Adern’s response was right and appropriate.

I must respectfully disagree.

Her wearing of the Hijab in public, reading an Islamic prayer in parliament, which btw includes the words “Allah is great. Allah is the one and only true God”, are a bridge too far. This goes beyond supportive of the local Muslim community. This is a slap in the face to NZ’s Judeo/Christian ethic, the basis of our society.

The fact Adern was raised as a Mormon, rejected those teachings in 2005, then proclaimed herself an agnostic in January 2017, raises serious doubts about whether she has any right to make decisions apropos the wearing of a hijab, much less suggesting  the women of NZ they should “cover their heads” for the Memorial Day service.

She is photo op PM, feet of clay, mind of marshmallow.

Her rush to ban selling of automatic weapons and condemn as hate speech any criticism with a right wing flavour, is further cause for concern.

I have major problems with the removal of the Mosque shooters manifesto from the internet. How are we to discern what this person was about or indeed others like him? The Chief Censor, no doubt under Prime Ministerial instruction, thought this would protect us all. What nonsense. Are we children to be kept in cotton wool? No, we are thinking, intelligent adults. All facts are relevant to how we reach our decisions.

Of course now the narrative can be put out the he was/is a right wing crazy.

Incorrect, he is an eco fascist and over population fanatic. He loathes America and the West. A left wing crazy, in other words.

A recent statement by Imam Tawhidi, and Australian Shia reformist, says it perfectly.

His points 3 and 4 are particularly pertinent to N.Z.

“The last lesson we learned ( from the NZ mosque attack) was that most Western leaders have no pride in their own religion, culture or traditions.”

“….News reporters, police officers and the Prime Minister herself were wearing veils. The call to our prayers was blasted out loud from London to New Zealand; basically, the entire Western World.”

He goes on…

“Frankly, I think this is an insane way of showing solidarity.”

“Why can’t Western leaders show solidarity with us without completely sacrificing their religions culture and traditions.”

New Zealand’s sycophantic, disingenuous PM would do well to listen to Imam.


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