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New gun laws passed by the NZ Parliament last night are an unfortunate precedent.

Stephen Franks in his articulate post below gives some history of the relationship New Zealanders have with guns, and why the new Government regulations are so wrong headed.

Effectively, the Government has broken and continues to break the social contract it had with the public. They are now telling us what is best for us, classic Marxism, a “we know best” philosophy which is the opposite of freedom of expression. Dangerous precedents are the norm for this Government.

It is also worth pointing out that NZ PM Jacinda Adern was on a committee in 2017 that overturned the existing law and replaced it with the ability to purchase weapons on-line without a face to face interview with police. Perhaps NZ’s much lauded PM has an attack of the guilts. She certainly should have, as she is at least morally culpable for the death of 50 innocent people.


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