Now They’re coming after the Roast Beef of Old England.


If like me you enjoy clever use of the English language, then the piece below by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley will have your taste buds salivating.

He write’s a brilliant piece on how the Socialists are after our roast beef, or in the case of NZ, roast lamb as well.

According to Walter Willett, a “nutty professor” at Harvard,  we need to stop eating red meat and in fact, probably all meat. In the name of climate change of course. A Professor of Nutrition, no less.

Plastic burgers for us plebs in future.

No doubt the elites and purveyors of this nonsense will have a few sacred cattle to be slaugtered for their own consumption, however.

What next in this Marxist engendered nightmare?


via Now They’re coming after the Roast Beef of Old England | Watts Up With That?

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