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In his thought provoking article below, Patrick J Buchanan questions the state of Christianity in America and by implication, the entire Western World.

Is “moral truth subjective”, he asks, and does it change with changing times and changing attitudes?

According to millennials I have spoken to, yes!

“Or is there a higher law,….God’s law, immutable and eternal…”.

Pete Buttigieg, aka “Mayor Pete”, has brought these questions into the Presidential primaries in America with his verbal stoush with Mike Pence, Republican Vice President.

Buttigieg is openly and “proudly gay”, Pence just as proudly Christian.

“Yes Mr. Vice President”, Buttigieg says, “ has moved  me closer to God”. He goes on to say that if Pence and his ilk have a problem with that “…Your quarrel sir, is with my Creator”.

Latest Social survey data reveal that Americans who profess “no religion”, at 23.1%, now exceed Catholics, the next largest group, at 23%, Evangelicals make up 22.5% and all Protestants around 11%. I suspect with some variation numbers would be similar across the Western World.

Buchanan states “…America is…. de Christianising with all deliberate speed”.

“According to a good slice of America, especially the young, the West is guilty of centuries of racism, imperialism, colonialism, slavery, sexism, ethnic cleansing, religious persecution and cultural genocide…”

You can add hateful homophobia to the list, if Mayor Pete is to be believed.

So where does that leave us in the West; what truth are we to believe, what moral rock is left for us to stand on, if our Christian beliefs are so under attack?

The powerful elite, along with millennials and extinction rebellion adherents, would argue that environmentalism and multiculturalism are the way forward, for that is where the left lie.

And yet it is blindingly obvious to all but the most brain-washed that the seeds of destruction of Christian Western civilisation are contained within the twin ideas of multiculturalism and environmentalism.

Look at Sweden, France, Germany, all sinking under the weight of these idiotic ideologies.

The burning of the great cathedral of Notre Dame, whether deliberate or accidental, is an unfortunate portent.

The attacks on French Catholic Churches over the last couple of years, the horrific bombings on churches and hotels in Sri Lanka, all point to a rapidly gathering storm.

There are dark forces who plan the destruction of Western civilisation.

It would serve each of us well to think carefully about which side we should be on.

If it comes to a battle between the Buttigieg’s and the Pence’s, despite my not having been to a place of worship to worship for some decades, I would be inclined to side with Pence.


via Mayor Pete and the Crackup of Christianity | Patrick J. Buchanan – Official Website

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