Left-wing dogma has been ruinous for school children, writes DOMINIC SANDBROOK | Daily Mail Online


Dominic Sandbrook has written an excellent piece for the Daily Mail in the UK on what can only be described as the evils of left wing dogma in the British Education system.

He quotes from a new BBC series currently being broadcast on Radio 4, in which Alan Johnson, a former Labour Minister, describes in some detail how good schooling programmes are so easily lost.

He refers back to the 60’s when the disintegration began, and continues into the 70’s, when things deteriorated quite dramatically with teachers smoking and playing games with students. As always, it is the students who suffer, through a lifetime of educational possibilities lost. Of course, the poor suffer the most.

Only recently have some things changed, he particularly refers to the quite recent Ark Network of schools in the UK, which have a focus on old fashioned values;

religious principles, smart uniforms, and high expectations.

Inspirational quotations adorning the walls of these good schools.

It is all quite simple stuff really, which the entire Western world of education seems to have forgotten.

Fortunately there are still clear headed people like Alan Johnson around to remind us of how things should be.

However the blatant erosion of these good principles continues everywhere. A war is being waged by the left to control our students.

In NZ recently, the newly elected Labour Government closed down Charter Schools, which were especially set up to assist the less well off students to achieve a good education. Idealogical dogma by the Labour Government closed these excellent schools, despite howls of protest from students and parents alike.

The Government Ministers and educationists around the world  would do well to read the link below and Alan Johnsons wise words.



via Left-wing dogma has been ruinous for school children, writes DOMINIC SANDBROOK | Daily Mail Online

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