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As N. Dass writes, this is a book that everyone must read.

“The Green Reich” lays out the end game of environmentalism and is “utterly frightening”. This will affect us all, “…. if we blindly keep empowering it, as we are now so gleefully doing.”

The book, written by Belgian philosopher Drieu Godefridi,  “…warns against the death cult that is enviromentalism, whose adherents now inhabit the highest political, social and cultural offices and positions…” Unfortunately for us all, they are “…widely regarded as the vanguards of morality”.

What a terrible indictment on our society, indeed our civilisation, that we are so taken in by this elaborate environmental lie.

This is true totalitarianism.

The consequences, as Godefridi and Dass point out, will be dire. This book is an “.. urgent call to action for all humanity.”

“We need to unite and confront the true enemy at the gates, the death-cult that is quickly gathering momentum ..”

We must defeat this “pernicious ideology,” else we may not survive the looming nightmare that enviromentalism is preparing for us.

The warnings are dire and the threat is real..

Read the book, available on Amazon, so I understand.



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