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Cam Slater in his ascerbic article below rips into what was in and behind the “document dump” by the Adern government last Friday the 8th.

Why are we/ were we locked down? Probably illegally.

The flaws in Neil Ferguson’s models, the architect of our current situation, are quite appalling.

Slater calls him “the world’s most wrong scientist.”

Other software modellers around the world are appalled at how his deeply dangerous models have been accepted by the wilfully ignorant political class.

His models have cost the global economy some $20 trillion, with “billions of lives” disrupted arpund the world.

Yet most western governments, including NZ’s Adern, have taken his terribly  flawed models as the basis for public policy. Even now, when the models have been shown to be false, (much like the climate models), NZ with Adern at the helm is persisting in following this arrant nonsense. Unfortunately so is most of the world. although some Governments, unless they have another agenda, are gradually waking up.

Slater shows how these so-called “peer reviewed” models are all reviewed by the same happy clappy band of academic misfits.

Siouxsie Wiles and Shaun Hendy,  along with the other 4 peer reviewers, have links to Neil Ferguson, WHO, and of course the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Oh thats right, Gates is the one developing the vaccine to save us all, coming soon to a “health clinic” near you.

If you seriously believe this is an accidental virus out of China, you need to revisit your understanding of conspiracy theories. The conspiracy is, there is no conspiracy.

Yes, of course we believe you. Just bring us another glass of the kool aid.

It is a great read below, please take the minutes it takes to enrich your understanding.

After all, knowledge is power…


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