British TV Personalities Savage Aussie Politician Over Climate Action, Bushfires


The article below relates how an Australian poliltician, a “denier” of climate change,  was attacked by a group of TV personalities in an interview on the Australian bushfires. It shows just how woefully out of touch talking heads and their media bosses really are.

It is entirely self evident that the bush fires in Australia, and for that matter California also, are caused in the main by human mis-management. Climate change, such as it is, has zero effect except in the minds of the entitled elite in media world, the enviro loonies, and of course that multi headed hydra monster otherwise known as the UN.

As Eric Worrall writes, much of the bush land “…is a vast tinderbox of dry, scrubby bush and dry grass growing on the ground between the trees, overlaid with flammable  eucalyptus deadwood…..all ready to be ignited by the slightest spark”.

The fact is that numerous green councils and State bureaucrats have forbidden burning off this scrub, as used to be common practise years ago. Now, these self proclaimed “protectors” of the environment, actually fine home owners up to $100k for clearing this scrub from the surrounding forest. These state officials should be held to account for manslaughter at the very least.

Add to that, Australian police are investigating / prosecuting more than 180 people for arson. Some are Islamic jihadists, others eco crazies, still others bored teenagers with a taste for pyromania.

It is worth noting too that Scott Morrison in particular and Australian Politicians in general are subject to on-going main stream media negativity due to their policy of disagreement with the anthropogenic climate change scam.

Many lies have been told and continue to be told by these UN shills who once upon a time had journalistic integrity.

Given the article below, unfortunately the same seems true across the Western media world.


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