Breaking Views: Dr John O’Leary: A deadly uniformity


The writer recently attended an academic conference, specifically regarding the humanities.

His comments are disturbing to say the least.

“Almost everyone… seemed to be a cultural Marxist of some kind.”

“Of conservative scholars, by which I mean scholars who do not … accept the assertions of cultural Marxism, feminism, post modernism etc., there seemed to be none.”

There is only one idealogy now “….in this brave new academic world: left wing, feminist, correct.”

Dr. O’Leary goes on to say that this is no longer unusual. The attendees are “….typical of the intellectual class that dominates our universities and cultural institutions.”

I would add to this the Government institutions also.

The variety of thought and debate, of critical and idealogical knowledge, that was true in the 80’s, no longer exists.

He further states that he believes there is a large idealogical gap between our universities and the general public; “…and this gap is widening into an abyss.”

In O’Leary’s experience, this seems to be true of both the USA and Europe. No doubt Australia and Canada as well. In other words, effectively the Western World.

He calls it a “deadly uniformity”.

The result, he says, “… is a generation of students who have been indoctrinated rather than educated.”

My thoughts are that it is more like 2 and possibly 3 generations.

It is a fascinating and damning article on the state of our institutions of “higher learning”, which is a term that could be regarded as an oxymoron, given the dumbing down effect our education system seems to be providing.

Of course, it is a deliberate plan, no accident of history or social mores.

The Marxists are winning the war, even though I would like to believe it ain’t over yet.


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