Breaking Views: Bruce Moon: The Rangiaowhia Incident


Linked below is the fascinating account by Bruce Moon on the so-called Rangiaowhia Incident. Moon is a retired computer pioneer who has written a very informative book “Real Treaty; False Treaty – The True Waitangi Story.” on New Zealand’s history with native Maori tribes and in particular the Treaty of Waitangi.

His straight forward no-nonsense account of the Rangiaowhia Incident takes issue with a number of media notables who continue to propagate the lie that Maori women and children were burned to death by Government troops in a church in Rangiaowhia.

Once again people and organizations with their own agenda seeking to revise history to suit the lies they would prefer us to believe.

It has become commonplace around the world for such modernist revisionism to be attempted and in many cases accepted, without reference to the available facts which obviously show the false narrative for the lie that it is. Too bad that this sickness has infected NZ as well.

Bruce Moon is to be congratulated for his courage and perseverance in the face of criticism and attacks from the racist left.

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