Breaking Views: Bruce Moon: New Zealand’s ‘real’ history


NZ history expert Bruce Moon gives a few accounts of the “real” Maori “wars”.

Given recent discussions in the media regarding the teaching of NZ history in schools, one would hope that the actual “historicity” of NZ is taught.

Bruce Moon gives a very real account of NZ history.

The question is, are New Zealanders ready for the reality?


“Vincent O’Malley is – or should be – notorious already for his gross distortion of history when, in an article in “The Listener” for 25th February 2017, he misrepresented as “an almost incomprehensible act of savagery” General Cameron’s humanitarian action in his almost bloodless capture of the Waikato rebels’ primary food source at Rangiaowhia.”

This opening salvo from Moon is the beginning of a clear review of the Maori “wars”.

Makes for very interesting, if brutal, reading.


via Breaking Views: Bruce Moon: New Zealand’s ‘real’ history

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