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Muriel Newman of NZCPR gives a concise and eye-opening account of the facts and aims behind UN Agenda 21.

The plan is to change our lives entirely. It is already being implemented. Fear and control once again.

Unfortunately, it has been happening now for some 20 years, as Newman points out.

The changes are incremental and all the more dangerous for that, as like the mythical boiling frog, we don’t notice until it is too late. It may already be so unless we can locate a leader who will take action.

There are some states in the USA which have taken measures against it. Good for them.

Down here in the Southern Hemisphere, we need to do the same. Sooner rather than later. Of course if you fancy a future with state control over most aspects of your life, more public transport, less private motor vehicles, green solutions for everything, all hail the Marxist agenda; then the future for you is looking good.

Agenda 21 is no conspiracy theory, it is a real thing.

Read Muriel’s excellent and well informed article below.


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