A Farce Inside A Melodrama


The almost unbelievable melodrama going on in America at present is no longer funny, if it ever was.

Two farces, actually.

The tortuous track that Brett Kavanaugh is on is perhaps the most disgusting, although the Russia Conspiracy farce which supposedly enabled Trump to win the 2016 election is not far behind.

Both have the potential to dramatically change the state of American politics. The ramifications for the rest of the World may not be insubstantial either.

It is important that the Republican Party Senators grow a backbone and progress as soon as possible with the confirmation hearing for Judge Kavanaugh.

It is very obvious that the assault allegations against Kavanaugh by Blasey Ford are politically based, with Democrat heavyweight Dianne Feinstein prepared to stoop however low she must go to rid America of probably one of the finest legal minds that country has ever produced. Make no mistake, she and other dark forces are behind Blasey Ford and the other allegations that have since come out and will continue to do so emanating as they do from the extreme left.

There is some evidence that George Soros, that architect of evil, is behind the scenes in providing  funds to individuals and through his own network of leftist organisations, in a concerted attempt to destroy the Kavanaugh case. More on Soros in a later post.

The concern is he, Feinstein and other dark players, read the Clinton’s, may win the day. Kavanaugh may be forced to withdraw, not through his own choice, but because the Republican senators are pressured by the loony left.

This would be an appalling outcome and has the potential to throw the judicial and political pillars into disarray. Any person could be accused of anything. Once accused, in that world, you are guilty by accusation. Especially if you are a man and the accuser is a woman. The Democrat Senator from Hawaii, Mazie Hirono, has already stated as a man you are necessarily guilty.

Blasey Ford was it appears a party central girl in her school days. Her diary states she and her friends would drink until comatose. Her school yearbook has been scrubbed from the internet due to unflattering pics in various states of undress and inebriation. Her social set did not include Brett Kavanaugh. It was all 36 years ago. She cannot recall dates, times or location. She somehow manages to say it is Kavanaugh though, despite her friends from back then NOT supporting her and Brett Kavanaugh’s friends along with him vehemently denying  all knowledge of her or her wild claims.

It is all a malicious nonsense, and should be kicked down the road by sensible Senators forthwith.

What, you may ask, is the reason for this demonization of a very good man? It is about power. Whichever political idea controls the Judiciary and the Senate has the power to change the very legal, social and moral fabric of the society. That is as important to America as it is to the rest of us. Throughout history, many have died and many lives ruined in the pursuit of power. Let us hope Judge Kavanaugh is not the latest sacrifice.

The concern is, why are the Republicans taking so long to take the obvious action required? We get they have to be fair and be seen to be fair, but at some time common-sense has to be part of the equation and fairness to Kavanaugh should be taken into consideration.

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