Simon Bridges, National Party Leader…What’s going on?


Mr. Simon Bridges
Leader of the Opposition
NZ National Party.


Dear Simon,

Congratulations on winning the battle for leadership of the National Party.

After 9 years in Government, it cannot be easy sitting on the Opposition benches, particularly as the NAT’s won more of the popular vote than any other party. Something amiss with our MPP system, it appears. In Europe, the largest party gets first choice at forming a Government. Not here, unfortunately.

I note that the National Party is still at around 45% support, good to see.
However the problem is your personal support is less than 10%.

Not so good. The National Party under current projections require 50% support, or very close to. Not going to happen under your watch, Simon. That is the harsh reality.

Unfortunately you do not come across well on TV, for all sorts of reasons.
This would not matter so much if the NAT’s had some half decent policies to present to the electorate as an alternative to the constant stream of Socialism from the present Government. The media too are a left wing socialist oriented cabal, offering little in the way of critical analysis of policies.
However for the party to announce quite recently amid much fanfare that your latest policy is smaller class sizes… this is a bad joke, Simon. Weak as water, quite frankly.
In the not so humble opinion of RR, the National Party need to offer policies which clearly reflect what you purport to be, namely a centre or centre right party.

At present, you are simply 50 shades of Socialist.

The country is crying out for, if not a lurch, then a definite deviation to, the right. Make some serious statements, there are plenty of sacred cows to skewer.
RMA, Working for Families, student loans, the attacks on our freedom of speech, to mention a few.
Certainly not rocket science, it is in fact easy to perceive.

However, there is one Trump like quality you require, Simon.

A lack of fear, a boldness of approach. You need to do this, for the sake of our future, or step down and find someone who can.

your thoughts...