Questions for Jacinda Adern, NZ Prime Minister


Ms. Jacinda Adern.
Prime Minister of NZ
Parliament Buildings

Dear Jacinda,

Firstly, allow me to congratulate you on being elected PM of NZ in something of a shock result in the October 2017 election.

You and your team have done well in implementing your avowed aim of a more Socialist  (caring, in your words) NZ.
I am sure Labour Party supporters are well pleased.
We out here in the real (or is that unreal) world however are not quite so enamored.

There are a few questions I have to which your response would be appreciated.

One of your early declarations was that climate change (catastrophic global warming, anthropogenic global warming, or simply global warming) was the Labour Party’s “nuclear free” moment.
Sounds a little naff I have to say. Whose advice did you take to come up with that gem of quartz? Climate changes constantly.  It is not something that can be legislated against.
The fact is countries around the World are gradually toning down or completely withdrawing from their previous commitments.
Not in NZ of course, thanks to you. No doubt we will save the World singlehandedly.

As Margaret Thatcher once said, “Global warming provides a marvelous excuse for Global Socialism”. Which kind of segues nicely into your apparent adoration of and determination to implement, Socialism in NZ.

This is a system that has never worked in any country that it has been tried in.
Well, perhaps I should say never worked for the people it is supposed to try and help, the average Jo and Joan Blog. It certainly works for the ruling elite, they always become much more powerful.
Never worked in NZ in the 70s under Muldoon; never worked in Scandinavia; they tried it but soon learned the error of their ways and turned to a more market economy. Denmark’s PM declared in 2015….”Denmark is a market economy…”
I fear you are heading down the Muldoon road, Jacinda. Falsely believing democratic socialism will cure our supposed ills. It will not, of course. Socialism will only exacerbate them, leading to even more poverty of spirit and subsequent financial, social and moral decline.
I realize our current education system that you were subject to has in large part led to this Socialist belief. Our Marxist educators and the system they oversee is a very good brain washing machine!

I read a very good piece recently by Mr. Nicholas Kerr, a NZ citizen now living and working in Seattle, Oregon in the USA.
In it he gives a clear account of the perils and inevitable downward spiral of the Socialist state as evidenced by Venezuela today.
It is a true tragedy.

Firstly under the leadership of Hugo Chavez, now under the dictatorship of Nicolas Madura, these two Presidents have overseen the collapse of Venezuela as a nation state, by virtue of their extreme Socialist dogma. Even now Venezuelans are bolting for the borders of neighboring countries to escape their broken state.

Refer to Mr. Kerr article here.

Socialism is a truly awful experiment to thrust upon us, Jacinda.

Kaitlin Bennet (@Kaitmarieox) stated it well on her twitter account recently;
“If I had a $ for every time socialism worked, I would have $0. Coincidentally, if it did work, I would also have $0”

Next week I would like to raise the question of the silence from NZ in the face of the appalling situation in South Africa where a genocide appears imminent. Worth your while watching the Farmlands documentary by Lauren Southern. Link here 

Our past history on SA appears to have been one of standing up for the dispossessed

What is different now those in peril are white?

your thoughts...